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Released October 31, 2023

Phantom ULTRA

Military Science Fiction Novel

My muscles were fine, my skills still sharp, but my mind… my mind belonged to Phantom.


It was on that planet that Tommy Cade took part in a military operation that went horribly wrong and culminated in a terrifying otherworldly encounter.

Despite later becoming a war hero and a renowned golem hunter, Tommy has long struggled with traumatic flashbacks of the event—eventually leaving both lives behind in favor of a more peaceful one.  But any hope of a quiet life is shattered by the sudden arrival of a strange and menacing man named Ward.


Threatening the lives of Tommy’s friends and loved ones, Ward coerces Tommy into one last golem hunt. Worse still, the hunt’s location is in a region of the Milky Way defined by its lawlessness and racism—making it an especially dangerous place for a biracial man like him. But if he survives, Tommy might finally learn the truth about what he encountered on Phantom all those years ago… and why it refuses to let him go.


Awarded Editor's Pick by BookLife Reviews and 5 Stars by Readers' Favorite, PHANTOM ULTRA is a must-read for fans of military science fiction.  

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Released December 22, 2023

Triptych ultra

Short Story Collection

TRIPTYCH ULTRA is a reprint of three harrowing science fiction tales taking place in the same universe as the novel PHANTOM ULTRA. Additionally, this collection includes the exclusive two-part short story OURO/BOROS, which serves as a prequel to PHANTOM ULTRA. Now together in one volume for the first time, these stories will take you to dark and wonderful places...

The Fool’s Gold
A young writer desperate for inspiration, Roy spends his nights stalking the streets of his city in search of someone with a story to tell. When he meets a Starman--a member of the Imperial Navy's Special Forces--he thinks he's finally hit pay dirt, but in reality, he's found far more than he bargained for.

A talented merc, a lizard-obsessed, burned-out wheelman, and a hot-headed drunk are hired to steal an alien artifact. With an all-star team like that, what could possibly go wrong?

Hack Eye
Usually employed by low-level hackers, hack eye is ransomware that takes control of enhanced eyes, causing the victim to see annoying flashes or threatening messages demanding payment. But when Khari is hacked, he sees something far worse because whoever has done this to him doesn't want money... they want him to pay his debt to the dead. Inspired by The Telltale Heart, this is a story about guilt, loss, and acceptance.

OURO/BOROS - Prequel to 
Ward has a mission, and he will see it through to the end. The seeds of change have been sown.


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